English Translation of Ueber den Verlauf der electrischen Schwingungen bei den Tesla'schen Versuchen

On the Course of Electrical Oscillations in Tesla's Experiments

Anton Oberbeck

The brilliant and surprising light phenomena in Tesla's experiments1 have aroused general interest in Germany, especially since they were demonstrated to a larger public by Mr. P. Spiess2 at the Urania in Berlin.

The success of these experiments does not require as much resources as Tesla himself used, but rather that they can be carried out using a larger induction device3 or a powerful influence machine4.

A short theoretical discussion of this subject is in order, at least as far as the movements of electricity in the conductors are concerned. As for the transfer of the electrical oscillations to the air or to the ether, through which the actual light phenomena are caused, further experiments to clarify the situation are required.

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